2 comments on “The NSM Analyst's Notebook

  1. I've been using a spiral notebook for almost 20 years. Since I started in my first NOC. I prefer the 5x8 ones myself. However a couple of years ago, I started doing things a little different. I still use my notebook, but i keep a couple of comp style books handy. I skip the first three pages (they're saved for a Table of Contents), and write an operating manual, based off my notes in the notebook.

    So where you have the step of a New Analyst writing procedure, a senior analyst should already have that, and a junior analyst can refer to the comp book as needed.

    This has worked out really good with training new people, and making sure everything is documented when I leave the place. (I hear the last guy I handed a comp book too when leaving a job, still uses it as his bible 2 years later).

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