4 comments on “Book Errata

  1. Applied NSM - Chapter 13 - Page 352 - Paragraph 3

    "Earlier, we learned that the IP header length field is contained in the lower order nibble of byte 0x0 in the IP header, which has a value of 4. This is a computed field however, so we must multiply this field by 5 to arrive at the IP header length, which is 20 bytes."

    The value should read "5", while the computation is "x4."

  2. Chapter 9, page 230.
    Under the Protocol paragraph at the bottom of the page.

    Second sentence: "Valid options include tcp, idp, icmp, ip, and any."
    I believe this should read as follows: "Valid options include tcp, udp, icmp, ip, and any."

    Change idp to udp.

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